World Debut of WAY Cables Plus Series at High End Show in Munich

Apr 25, 2019

We are pleased to announce WAY Cables Plus Series that carry new quality in the world of ultimate audio cables and that will be have its world premiere at High End Show 2019 in Munich, from May 9 to 12 in M.O.C.

Plus Series by WAY Cables will play in two outstanding audio systems at the Munich Show. WAY Cables will be in partnership with EgglestonWorks loudspeakers, Doshi Audio amplification and Pre-audio turntable in the room F217. WAY Cables will also wire the system by Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur (WLM) speakers and amplifier and Digitale Audio Systeme (DAS) music source in the room F220. Both rooms are in the Atrium 4.2. Come on over for a listen.

Compared to previous generation of WAY Cables, Plus Series bring big sound improvement and showcase new choice of materials, sophisticated handmade and quality control process.

Plus Series completely substitute former product range of WAY Cables. Interconnect Silver 4 mkII becomes Silver 4+, Harmony is now Harmony+, Poetry changes to Poetry+ and so on. Also, Penelope interconnect is being discontinued, while WAY Cables lineup is enriched with all new flagship speaker cable – Endless.

Plus Series is the result of our continuous research for new possibilities and improvements in materials and design solutions. It reflects our never-compromised dedication at WAY Cables to relentlessly discover ways of bringing better experience and pleasure in listening to music.

In short, Plus Series enable top-notch audio systems to show their true quality in sound reproduction. As WAY Cables are known for exceptional sound neutrality, we are very proud that this important feature is elevated in Plus Series to higher level, resulting in even more subtle, more accurate and more emotional music reproduction.

We believe that Plus Series are making WAY Cables brand even more unique on the High End Audio Market, built on previous years of success, multiple awards and many happy customers worldwide.

WAY Cables are exclusive High End audio cables with ultimate sound and exceptional handmade quality in limited quantities.

Here are the main features of WAY Cables Plus Series

Four design types of UXD-WAY™ Unique Xtreme Damping System that ensures superior protection from vibrations and any unwanted interferences, as well as cable’s flexibility for easy handling:
– UXD1-WAY™ Design for analogue and speaker cables without shielding,
– UXD2-WAY™ Design for digital S/PDIF and AES-EBU cables with partial external shielding,
– UXD3-WAY™ Design for USB cables with partial shielding for signals and separately isolated power,
– UXD4-WAY™ Design for power cables with separate shielding for grounding and entire cable.

Specific conductor types and configurations:
– EQL-WAY™ Identical solid core wires,
– DIF-WAY™ Different solid core wires,
– TT-WAY™ Twisted tapes,
– HYB-WAY™ Multi core hybrid.

Choice of special and purest materials for each component of the cable that ensures stunning sound results and product quality:
– 5N Single Crystal Silver for solid core conductors,
– 6N Single Crystal Copper for multi core silver/copper hybrid conductor of power cable,
– COT-WAY™ Cotton with 1.3 dielectric constant for insulation,
– COTEF-WAY™ Cotton sheathed with air breathable PTFE for power cable insulation,
– Pure Copper Braid for partial and/or entire digital/power cable shielding.

Selection of World’s best connectors to match cables excellence:
– Pure silver WBT RCA and speaker connectors,
– Silver-clad OFC WireWorld XLR plugs,
– 4N silver-plated 4N copper customized IeGO power connectors with anodised aluminium damping ring,
– Gold-plated Copper customized USB connectors.

Genuinely handmade with rigorous quality checking, where nothing is left to chances:
– FNICA-WAY™ production process with quality control through all stages of making, assembling and testing.

Uniqueness and authentication of every WAY Cables product:
– Each cable has serial number, brochure with specific length, detailed specification and author’s signature. Packaged in classy wooden box with engraved logo and filled with natural wool.