Way Cables Silver IC test with iFi Audio micro iDSD & micro iTube

April 20, 2015

We are glad that the iFi Audio publish on official FB page our experience with their excellent micro devices, which we tested with Way Cables interconnects.

Way-Cables-interconnects-iFi-Audio-micro-iDSDThese days our client brought to us their iFi devices on test in order to recommend him the appropriate Way Cables interconnects.

After several days of testing iFi Audio micro-iDSD and micro-iTube, Way Cables team was delighted with sound quality and technical possibilities of these devices compared to their price. They are tickets to real audiophile world.

iFi devices show dramatically better sonic result when they are connected with Way Cables interconnects. We can say that we squeeze everything as physically small iFi can offer and that we hear their maximum capacities, which thrilled us. Many devices quickly show their best, but not iFi.

Our conclusion is that the Way Cables Silver 2 interconnects with WireWorld Silver Tube RCA connectors are the perfect sound/price partner for connecting iFi Micro-iDSD with Micro-iTube and with amplifier section. That the devices are excellent also shows the fact that results was even better with Silver 3, but that was not a price acceptable in our opinion.

Our client was very satisfied with the sound improvement and therefore ordered two pairs of Way Cables Silver 2 interconnect of 0.4m length.

We tested the IFIs micro-iDSD and micro-iTube in a system consist of MacBook Pro as a source, Dayens Ampino power amplifier, B&W 685 S2 speakers. Equipment connected with different models and types of Way Cables.