Way Cables Silver 2 and Dynamic 2 IC review by Doug Taylor

April 21, 2015

“I must encourage anyone reading this review to give these cables a try out, I am sure you will not regret it, I am buying another pair of the Dynamic 2. GREAT STUFF!” – said in a review Mr. Doug Taylor

Part one (April 14, 2015)

Way Cables Silver 2 and Dynamic 2 interconnects review by Doug Taylor, UKFirstly I feel I need to introduce myself, my name is Doug, I am 66 years of age and started my interest in Hi-Fi around 1972 when a work colleague showed me his “music listening machinery”! Over the years there has been many changes and only recently I felt really quite happy with my set-up… that is until Mr Popovich came along!

The cables arrived very quickly and well packaged; no damage here. I connected the Way Cables Silver 2 interconnect from Audiolab 8200 CD player to my Denon 1911 AV receiver and the Dynamic 2 interconnect from Trichord Dino phono stage to same amplifier.

Immediately found sound from both cables to be smoother, fuller, wider soundstage and so right from the start I had a smile on my face! Prolonged listening became more joyful and I was hearing things in recordings that I didn’t know were there, my previous cables were excellent but these Way cables were surpassing them easily.

I firstly listened to the Silver 2 with CD playback. Everything was right there, bass going deep but controlled, mid range open and honest and treble smooth and sweet, every word from the Kate Bush “The Kick Inside” was audible and when I played Patricia Barber’s “Companion” well, goodness me, there she was in my room playing personally for me… it was so, so real. I got carried away with saying she was in the room but… I think you know what I mean.

Vinyl playback from Clearaudio Concept TT > Dynavector 10×5 MC cartridge > Trichord Dino phono stage > Way Cables Dynamic 2 interconnects. The same things going on again, lots more information coming through my Rega R5 speakers, the bass going deep but now with a little more slam / tightness… nice! My vinyl copy of Genesis “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” has never sounded so clear; you feel closer to what is going on. My Deutsche Grammophon recording of Stravinsky “Rite of Spring” was really, really thrilling!

If you have badly recorded material, these cables will make them sound, well… more BAD!

Part two (April 21, 2015)

Way-Cables-Silver-2-and-Dynamic-2-interconnects-review-by-Doug-Taylor-UK-2So now I swap the cables around, Dynamic 2 connected to cd player and Silver 2 connected to vinyl playback. Lets start with the Silver 2 running from Trichord Dino phono stage to my Denon 1911… so the vinyl is turning on the platter and the arm gently lowers… what on earth is happening!! No, I don’t like this… where has the clarity gone, oh dear!!

Ah… hang on, just a minute, which way are the pointers facing on the bamboo marker rings… oops!! Silly me… cables connected wrong way round!! Don’t make this mistake, I was overkeen to get things started, these are directional cables and must be used as intended.

So we start again and of course the gorgeous rich tone of Sade’s voice comes shining through, it’s all there, good soundstage, clear vocals, timing, sweet top end and the clarity. This really is a lovely cable.

Now we move over to the Dynamic 2, connected I might add the correct way round to my Audiolab 8200 cd player and of course Denon 1911. WOW! This is what I have been looking for in an interconnect, this is wonderful stuff, clear, open, superb mid range with voice clarity, bass going a little deeper but still precise, amazing soundstage. I can see why Mr Popovich calls this cable Dynamic… this is the best yet that I have heard from these cables and obviously for me a good match with the Audiolab 8200 CD player, the Sabre 32 bit dac is fitted to this player.


My conclusion is that both cables, Silver 2 and Dynamic 2, are superb performers and we know they will sound a little different with different equipment. For me personally, I prefer the Dynamic 2, I have been listening now for nearly 2 weeks, maybe a couple of albums at a time rather than prolonged listening as this can be fatiguing. I must encourage anyone reading this review to give these cables a try out, I am sure you will not regret it, I am buying another pair of the Dynamic 2. GREAT STUFF!

One last thing, Mr Popovich of Way Cables is a really nice guy and from my experience I know he is understanding of us audiophiles and how we strive to get the best from our music. Thank you.

Doug Taylor

Louth, UK, April 14-21, 2015

Way Cables note: We wish to thank Mr. Taylor for his beautiful review, which is great satisfaction to our future work and for stunning pictures of Silver 2 and Dynamic 2 interconnects on his majestic Suzuki Intruder LC bike.

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