WAY Cables review of KLEI Harmony RCA/Phono plugs

December 11, 2014

Here are impressions and conclusions of using KLEI Harmony RCA plugs with WAY Cables interconnect range, which have become an integral component

First, I must say that KLEI RCA plugs gives a new sound dimension. If we are always talking about quality of 3D stereo image, etc, now we can start conversation about fourth dimension of Hi-Fi sound. Listening experience with KLEI connectors are really unique, new and refreshing. They are not just “parts” or “accessories”, as people commonly say!

KLEI Harmony RCA plugs are Hi-Fi equipment, with equal importance to the final sound result, to any other link in the system. The KLEI product range of Harmony plugs, from Copper to Absolute through Silver & Pure models is like stairways to sound heaven. Same character but each model has more virtues and abilities.

When I first read your description of Harmony series sound features, I thought it was a little too much but now I can confirm that every word is in the right place, exactly as you have written.

Exceptional Resolution, Extremely tight non-bloated deep/detailed/resolving Bass, Extremely articulate presentation, Conveys subtle nuances with amazing dexterity, Stage is spacious and envelopes the listener, Allows the full emotion of the music to be experienced, Superb dynamics and an excellent micro detail presentation, Displays delicate upper mid and high frequency detail/resolution and harmonic texture with precision and emotion, Delivers music with extremely low noise/distortion in a Warm Musical and Involving manner from an very very Black/Quiet Background.

Due the same philosophy of uncompromising product quality and commitment to fair market values in today superficial and frivolous world, I wish to congratulate you for your new revolutionary inventions in Hi-Fi and to strongly recommend using the KLEI Harmony Phono/RCA plugs.

I have the honor to be your partner and representative of your plugs in Serbia, one small piece of our planet with good tradition of high fidelity sound and engineering.

At the end, but not at the least I can only say – we next want KLEI speaker banana plugs and spades!

Nune Popovic, constructor & owner of WAY Cables


(Belgrade, December 11, 2014)

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