Way Cables package review from Hong Kong

June 19, 2015

Review from our Hong Kong customer, who own Way Cables Silver 3 interconnects with KLEI Pure RCA plugs, Silver 2 speaker cables with WireWorld Silver Uni-Term banana plugs, and Silver 3 speaker jumpers with WireWorld Silver Uni-Term Spades, and use them in two systems consist of:

Cary SLP 78 and YBA Passion 300 as pre-amp;

Cary EL34 monoblocks and Audio Synthesis Desire as power amp;

Sometimes is amp YBA 300 for full-integrated usage;

Speakers: ProAc Tablette Anniversary and floorstanding Opera Diva Callas.

Review of Way Cables Silver 3 interconnects, Silver 2 speaker cables and Silver 3 jumpers by Andrew Lam from Hong KongHi Miroslav,

Well, to recap my feeling of your cables and no doubt that I am very pleased to have it all.

I can hear the difference of better width, depth and overall sound stage when compared to the others. Most importantly that the noticeable of space and silence between instrumental details, the full body of music, the texture, and full range performance delivered without any harshness of sound. I am so pleased to be the user of your cables and, also happy to recommend to my friends, or some local hi-fi buddies too.

A weeks before I have loaned the cables to two of my friends and they impressed with its very good performance. One said that it can produce the prestige acoustic details and the other found the enjoyable tune & emotional appreciation of usage.

Thanks and best regards,

Andrew Lam

Hong Kong, June 19, 2015