Way Cables launched iWAY for iFi Audio devices sound improvement

May 20, 2015

After presentation at the High End Show in Munich, Way Cables have launched iWAY interconnects, specially created for the sound improvement of iFi Audio devices.

iWAY interconnect cable is intended for all iFi Audio lovers which want even more sound enjoyments from their high quality devices.

During our tests of iFi devices with Way cables, we found that they accept superior interconnects with pleasure and ease. Sound improvement was fascinating, which means that the potential of the iFi devices is huge and could be significantly enhance with appropriate cables. Therefore, we developed iWAY as an affordable matching audiophile interconnects for the iFi devices.

Filigree handcrafted with soft solid-core pure silver conductors, cotton insulation and Unique damping system, iWAY interconnect brings to iFi devices more natural, micro-detailed, charmingly sophisticated and balanced overall sound. Music is more spacious and three-dimensional, with flowing dynamics, deeper attack and rare feature – tactility. iWAY offers unbeatable quality-price ratio, just as iFi devices.

iWAY interconnect also achieves aesthetics synergy to iFi devices with red cotton finish, bamboo ring and premium plugs with aluminum shell.

With its optimal length for connecting iFi devices instead of unnecessary long cables, which degrade consistent appearance and practicality of iFi devices in audio systems or iRack, iWAY interconnects are extremely flexible, user-friendly, and available from 0.3 to 0.6 meter.

iWAY interconnect is packaged in hand-made wooden boxes with printed brochure and hand-written product number.

Dear iFi Audio lovers welcome aboard and find out more about iWAY interconnects here.


Demonstration of iWAY interconnects with iFi Audio system


at the High End Show in Munich 2015

Photos taken at High End Show in Munich, May 17, 2015.