WAY Cables at Warsaw Audio Show

Nov 11, 2019

WAY Cables together with valued partners from Pre-audio and EgglestonWorks had a fantastic presentation at Warsaw Audio Video Show that was held from November 8 to 10, 2019.

Our presentation in the Sobieski Hotel attracted a lot of attention to Polish audiophiles. We had very interesting visitors and serious listening sessions. The exhibition room Arkadia was filled with lots of passion for the fantastic music and sound that came from the audio system entirely connected by WAY Cables:

  • Pre-audio turntable ASP-1501N
  • EgglestonWorks loudspeakers Nico Evo
  • Aurender music server/streamer/player A100
  • WAY Cables XLR & RCA interconnects Harmony+, speaker cables Twelve+, power cables Substance+ and power strip Union
  • For the amplification, we used Sky Audio pre & power tube amplifiers Flash, as well as Paravicini EAR 912 preamp. Audio stand by Alpin-Line.

It’s our pleasure to have partners such as Pre-audio who make fantastic turntables and who recently organized a presentation of WAY Cables at magnificent Warsaw Audio Video Show together with EgglestonWorks brilliant Nico Evo speakers.

Below is magnificent photo reportage by Fabian Blaszczyk