WAY Cables launched two new products: flagship power cable CORE and USB cable LIBERTAS

Sep 8, 2021

We are pleased to inform you that WAY Cables enriched the current line-up after a long development process with two new products: flagship power cable CORE and USB cable LIBERTAS.

Entirely handmade as all other creations in range, both cables bring novelties in the design and represent a new level of WAY Cables sound and product exclusivity.

Designed primarily for ultimate mono and stereo power amplifiers, integrated amps, and power distributors, the flagship power cable CORE has exceptional sounding features and spectacular specifications.

The CORE power cable brings clarity and depth on the large music stage with stunning sound definition, dynamics, details and balance. It allows amplifiers a new and powerful life-like energy, revealing their true sound abilities and providing a more emotional experience to music lovers while listening.

Flagship power cable CORE arrives with a new Unique Xtreme damping design solution for power cables UXD4.1-WAY. It possesses three multi-core conductors MLT-WAY, made from 5N Single Crystal Silver for Line, Neutral and Ground, each 3.15mm² in diameter (3×3.15mm² overall). Every conductor has multilayer insulation COTEF-WAY consisting of Pure Cotton with 1.3 Dielectric Constant sheathed with Breathable and Waterproof PTFE. At the same time, the grounding and entire cable have separate braided shields of Pure Copper.

Furthermore, the CORE has Pure Silver power connectors by IeGO (Ultra-High Purity Silver 5N / 99.999% Long Crystal, 24K Rhodium Plated), uniquely customised by WAY Cables for damping and RFI/EMI protection with the anodised aluminium housing in the old gold colour.

LIBERTAS USB cable brings even more sophisticated features in all sonic aspects than the glorious Champagne+ USB model.

LIBERTAS provides a realistic presentation of instruments and voices with impressive sound resolution and fullness. It acts like it thoroughly defogs a sound image, so the music materials become more transparent, spacious and natural than we used to hear via a USB link.

With its features, LIBERTAS sets a new quality standard of WAY Cables for transferring the highest resolution music files and supporting audio electronics to perform maximum results through converting digital data to analogue music over the USB connection.

LIBERTAS makes substantial sound improvements thanks to a newly developed Unique Xtreme Damping design solution for USB cables UXD3.1-WAY based on interlinked partial-shielding for signals and grounding and separately isolated power.

Besides its new design solutions inside, LIBERTAS USB and CORE power cable have a finish comprised of thick Pure Cotton braided with a white and soft glass fibre COTFIB-WAY. This lightweight yet long-lasting material effectively dissipates micro-vibrations on the cables’ surfaces and creates a unique outlook simultaneously.

Detailed specifications are available on our web pages:
CORE power cable: https://waycables.com/high-end-power-audio-cables/
LIBERTAS USB cable: https://waycables.com/digital-audio-cables/