Review: Interconnect SILVER 4 is GOURMET HEAVEN

August 14, 2015

“Now I am a happy owner of SILVER 4 interconnect, thanks Nune for allowing me to enter the gastronomical heaven of Hi-Fi… It seems that my name for SILVER 4 crystallized itself out – GOURMET HEAVEN”, wrote a prominent member of the Serbian audiophile community, Mr. Dejan Petrovic – Patason

Review WAY CABLES interconnects by Dejan Petrovic PatasonMy first contact with Way Cables manufacture and its owner Nune was enjoyable and very quickly organized. I have dialed phone number from the website and tomorrow evening Nune was knocking at my door with four interconnects (this is what I wanted to try), some nice small presents and wide smile. My friend who came especially for this occasion and myself liked this gesture very much.

That evening we have tested interconnects in following order DYNAMIC 2, SILVER 2, SILVER 3 & SILVER 4. They had duel with my best interconnect cable, chosen after years of testing and changing. I told Nune that I want to put back my interconnect in the system between each Way cable interconnect and that could take some time, but he just smiled and said, ”Until dawn”. It turned out to be two rounds of testing, first one being qualifications, second one grand finale.

In the qualifications round, my cable was battling with DYNAMIC 2 and SILVER 2. The result was even, at least in my humble opinion (at that moment I was still cheering for the home team). Even result was actually Pyrrhic victory because my interconnect was several times more expensive than Way cables. In order to pay more attention on the star of the evening and new member of my hi-fi team, I will shortly present my impressions about these cables.

DYNAMIC 2 – magical mid spectrum, fullness of sound, natural colour of the instruments, vocals. Rest very good, but mids are to die for. My name for DYNAMIC 2 – MUSICALITY.

SILVER 2 – resolution is taken one step further, mids are great but do not draw attention, well balanced from top to bottom My name for SILVER 2 – PLEASURE FOR ALL.


Way Cables Silver 4 interconnect cable - KLEI Absolute RCA - red cottonSILVER 3 – balance of the younger brother is kept, incredible sound clarity is added, 3D imaging is now holographic, such musicality is not expected from cable having that resolution and transparency. My name for SILVER 3 – PLEASURE FOR DEMANDING AUDIOPHILES.

SILVER 4 – my problem with interconnects was always the same until now: I wanted some characteristics found in many cables, which as whole did not satisfy my needs, summed in just one cable. But something was always missing. If it had resolution and purity – it was thin, if the bass was deep it was not defined, if it was musical the dynamics lacked… etc.

SILVER 3 satisfies all of my criteria, color of the sound, musicality, resolution, transparency, linearity, dynamics, spacious definition of the stage, air, atmosphere, emotions…. everything. So why do I write so much about Silver 3? It’s because hardcore audiophiles like me are cursed, for the first time in my life something in Hi-Fi is just right and the next second I think is there something better? This time I was lucky because there is – SILVER 4.

SILVER 4 interconnect has all the characteristics of the extraordinary sound of Silver 3 but elevated to a very profound level. Sound is pure and clear as a clear day, stage is deeper and higher, it goes more often left and right from the speakers, it is easier to recognize the emotions of the interpretation as well as the atmosphere. The tones are accompanied with some richness and luxury. All this sound a little bit poetic without clearly defined differences, but in this class, believe me, it is not possible. I could make an analogy with food, you can have great, tasty meal you enjoy and you can have same meal, which is gourmet’s heaven. It is hard to put the difference in words, but it is obvious. For someone this difference may not be very important, for others it’s all that matters.

All my observations have been validated by my friend (in who’s ears I trust) and multiple changes of the interconnects, because I didn’t want to pay placebo, and I didn’t!

Now I am a happy owner of SILVER 4 interconnect, thanks Nune for allowing me to enter the gastronomical heaven of Hi-Fi. In the meantime, my new cable has been compared with even more expensive competition (devil never sleeps), but I am still smiling because home team is winning. It seems that my name for SILVER 4 crystallized itself out – GOURMET HEAVEN.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Dejan Petrović

Belgrade, Serbia, August 3, 2015

p.s. Since I had the opportunity also to test in my system a digital interconnect RESOLUTION, I announce that it will soon become a part of my hi-fi team.

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