New! RESOLUTION digital audio cable

July 18, 2015

After a long period of researching, developing and testing, we are happy to announce that WAY Cables created RESOLUTION digital audio interconnect cable, which belongs to the absolute High-End class and has favorable prices.

RESOLUTION cable transmits every detail from the digital files, and enables wide and spacious, 3D sound stage. Each instrument has plenty of space and background silence, regardless of the track complexity. Entire audio spectrum is sophisticated and comfortable, with powerful and punchy low tones, midrange purity and fullness, while high frequencies have silky texture without harshness.

Superior-balanced sound makes it RESOLUTION as ideal cable for connection top-class digital music sources and D/A converters.

Way Cables RESOLUTION digital audio cable with KLEI Pure Harmony RCA plugsRESOLUTION achieves such results due to its inventive design that will not compress or blur stereo image, what the commonly constructed coaxial S/PDIF cables will do.

Certified soft solid-core fine silver conductors with ≥99.99% purity and ≥106% conductivity (IACS) are responsible for faultless signal transmission. Each conductor is individually insulated with 7mm thick ECO (non-dyed) cotton 100% purity. Around the conductors core are densely woven pure cotton sleeves with thick walls, and the last one is in the function of jacket. Outer cable diameter is 17mm.

WAY Cables has taken another step forward of its own Unique extreme damping system™ from sound vibrations, noise and RFI/EMI/EMF.

LWay Cables RESOLUTION digital audio cable with KLEI Pure Harmony RCA plugsast but not the least, RESOLUTION is unusually flexible and users friendly cable, aesthetically beautiful as it sound. Without any well-known industrial compromises, it is the real state-of-the-art handmade product and represents unbeatable value for money.

There are two types of RESOLUTION digital audio cable terminations:

  • KLE Innovations Pure Harmony RCA (signal pin and single ground contact from pure solid silver >106% conductivity),
  • WireWorld Silver XLR (silver-clad oxygen-free pure copper contacts up to 106% conductivity).

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Belgrade, June 18, 2015