Report from High End Show in Munich 2016

May 12, 2016

We are happy to inform you that WAY Cables had extremely successful performing and audience at Munich High End Show, from 5  to 8 of May, 2016. Positive feedbacks came from audiophiles brotherhood and audio experts all around the globe, as well as our manufacture colleges and respectful competition from High End audio industry

At the same time, we had unforgettable enjoyable personal cooperation and we achieved perfect matching sound synergy with our partners from Wilson Benesch and Viva Audio.

Ibex Audio (our exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland), brilliantly selected our team and audio system, which was presented at the Munich Show.

“I can happily say that I reckon the Viva amps and Way Cables in use in this system, along with the Wilson Benesch gear, really did deliver the sonic goods…and in spades. Add to that the system looks about as cool as you could wish for and you’ve got a winning combination”, writes Stuart Smith, Editor-in-Chief of HiFi Pig Magazine

Feedbacks to sound of system consist of WAY Cables, Viva Audio, Wilson Benesch at High End Show in Munich 2016WAY Cables team made new and wonderful friendships and familiar relationships with our partners, customers and suppliers. We also received orders and inquiries from distributors and audiophiles from all over the world.

WAY Cables will do it best to achieve all expectations and to be even better, without any compromise regarding approach, philosophy and product’s quality.

We would like to say BIG THANKS to all of you who came around and to each of our partners at the Munich Show: Ibex Audio, Viva Audio, Wilson Benesch and to High End Society, who organized world best audio show in every aspect.

WAY Cables wish to all of you MUSIC & PLEASURE!

At the Munich High End Show 2016, at the room E226, Atrium 4.2, Ibex Audio presented this system:


  • Viva Audio Numerico CDP/ DAC
  • Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable (white) with A.C.T. 25 Tonearm and Transfiguration Proteus cartridge


  • Viva Audio LF 2 pre-amp with phono stage
  • Viva Audio Aurora mono-amps


  • Wilson Benesch Discovery II stand mounted loudspeaker
  • Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator


  • WAY Cables Silver 4 RCA interconnects
  • WAY Cables Silver 3 ANA speaker cables
  • WAY Cables Silver speaker jumpers
  • WAY Cables Dynamic 3 Torus cable
  • WAY Cables Substance power cords
  • WAY Cables Union power distributors


  • Solid Tech Hybrid Rack System

Note: Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One Evolution P1 the world’s first loudspeaker constructed using colored carbon fiber composites was just exhibited for the first time as well as Viva Audio Uno integrated-amp.