Highest awards for Way Cables interconnects Silver 4 and Silver 2 from HiFi Pig Magazine

September 24, 2015

“Compared to any other cable I have heard in my system the Way cables are definitely the best I have come across and offer real value for money. I reckon they are the Way forward! (Pun intended)” write Ian Ringstead.

Our Interconnect Silver 4 got the highest possible recommendation that can be given by HiFi Pig Magazine. Label OUTSTANDING PRODUCT given to our Interconnect Silver 4 is awarded only when two reviewers grade the product as OUTSATNDING. Our basic Interconnect Silver 2 got HiFi Pig label RECOMMENDED, while the value for money was graded by fantastic 8.7/10…

It is a great honour and pleasure to share with you WAY Cables Silver 2 and Silver 4 interconnects reviews by Dominic Marsh and Ian Ringstead, which just have been published in September’s edition of the British HiFi Pig Magazine.

On behalf of my small team and personally, I would like to thank to all, and I promise that we will be even better in the future!

Do not forget, philosophy of uncompromising product quality and commitment to fair market values in today superficial and frivolous world are foundation of WAY Cables.

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