WAY Cables successful exhibition at Munich High End Show 2018

May 18, 2018

Thousands of audiophiles, esteemed colleagues and audio experts from all around the globe enjoyed in music and wonderful sound in the Room F220 at Munich High End Show where WAY Cables performed together with Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur (WLM) and Digital Audio Systems (DAS) from 11 to 13 May.

Expressed visitors satisfaction and great media coverage of our presentation brought us back energy invested in preparing of the Show and acoustic treatment of the room that was dramatically improved experience of listening to music.

WAY Cables flagship ‘Poetry’ balanced XLR interconnects played two different roles – they were link between music source DAS ‘HD-Player Model 2‘ and WLM preamp and, in the same time, speaker cables for the active WLM speakers ‘Maria‘.

In the second system configuration, analogue RCA version of the ‘Poetry’ interconnect cable were used to connect WLM preamp and monoblocks, while WAY Cables flagship speaker cable ‘Twelve’ enabled to WLM floorstanding speakers ‘Franz Ferdinand‘ to shine in full potential.

WAY Cables equipped the whole system with electricity using ‘Substance’ power cables and ‘Union’ power distributors.

Finally, WAY Cables prepared an surprise at High End Show. It was ‘High End 99,99% Silver Quince Brandy’ – limited edition. Friends of WAY Cables and lucky audiophiles had opportunity to get this unique product with pure silver wires immersed within best Serbian adult drink. This product has special way of ‘inside acting’ on audiophiles perception. It enables them to enjoy music with more pleasure and less worries such as: ‘Is it sound good enough?’ – ‘Should I buy it?’ – ‘What I should say to my wife?’…😊 This action of WAY Cables was attracted a lot of attention and were on the ‘Hifi Pig’ Magazine short list for Best Press Pack award!

Enjoy in majestic photo reportage taken by maestro Miroslav Petrovic / Black Box Photo